(M-MALE) Mothers Men Advocating Love and Effectiveness

Students paying close attention in an FTH learning environment

American public education practitioners have a responsibility to do their part in ensuring that children are healthy, safe, and successfully growing into adulthood. School leaders must reflect upon the varying conditions that prevent children from achieving. Research suggests that parenting skills impact student achievement. There is an unspoken belief in American public education that mothers in the community bear the responsibility for children and parent involvement in school.


M-MALE seeks to dispel this belief by encouraging mothers, fathers and community volunteers to be active in the lives of children through the work of the community school. The concern and involvement of an entire community is necessary to ensure that all children are achieving in school.


M-Male is a school-advocacy program aimed at increasing the number of parent and community partnerships with schools on behalf of children.


The M-MALE institute is designed to encourage parents and community volunteers to participate in ten interactive learning experiences that:

  • Increase awareness of the value of parent and community involvement in schools
  • Increase awareness of the essential roles parents play in the developmental life of children and youth
  • Increase awareness of the importance of students being proficient in Reading and its connection to success in school.
  • Coach and inspire parents to reach their full parenting potential

Diversity Matters (DM)

DM is our training program that promotes a just society. Our workshop activities are admittedly difficult self-explorative exercises and discussions that are intended to jolt participants into thinking deeply about the issues of diversity and equity. Nevertheless, we pay close attention to building a training space that is safe and respectful. Ultimately, our goal is to transform lives and advocate for a world replete with social justice communities.

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